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All Phase II eHealth SBIR grantees and contractors participate in a Linking eHealth Science and Business Showcase. Participants present their final research findings and demonstrate their products to an audience of staff from several NIH institutes and venture capitalists who evaluate their products.

  • 2005 Showcase, September 14-16, 2005
  • 2008 Showcase, October 6-7, 2008

Clicking on any of the presentation titles in the agenda below will stream a videocast of the presentation.

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2005 Showcase (September 14 - 16)

Day 1

Presentation Videocast of Day 1

Session 1: Information Systems

  • Cancer Site Finder  (9:30-10:00)(0:16:00)
    Brad Tanner, PhD, Clinical Tools, Inc.
  • Journey to Wellness Radio Program and Website  (10:15-10:45)(0:50:43)
    Mary Harris, PhD, BioTechnical Communications
  • Digital Multimedia Cervical Cancer Kiosks for Latinas  (10:45-11:15)(1:17:47)
    Armando Valdez, PhD, Valdez & Associates

Session 2: Nutrition Interventions

  • 5 a Day @ Work Wellness Program  (1:00-1:30)(2:21:50)
    Mary Buller, Klein Buendel, Inc.
  • Healthy Eating Self-Monitoring Tool (HEST) / Cancer Risk Reduction Through Dietary Intervention  (1:30-2:30) (2:47:44)
    Jennifer Di Noia, InterSystems, Inc.

Session 3: Pain Management

  • PARIS II  (3:00-3:30)(4:07:47)
    Leslie Cohn, Talaria, Inc. (Original grantee: Dr. Ruth Anderson)
  • Cancer Pain: Your Guide to Relief  ( 3:30-4:00)(4:32:36)
    Ann McFarren, HealthMark Multimedia presented for grantee, Dr. Susan Brink
  • House Calls  (4:00-4:30)(5:02:26)
    Michael Davis, Inflexxion
Day 2

Presentation Videocast of Day 2

Session 1: Survivorship & Quality of Life

  • Crusaders Against Cancer: Growing Up Fast  (9:00-9:30)(0:04:20)
    Kristin Holtz, PhD, Danya International, Inc.
  • Conquering Cancer Network: Empowering Teens with Tools, Info, and Inspiring Stories  (9:30-10:00)(0:45:00)
    Karen Hennessy, The Degge Group presented for grantee, Dr. Judith Jones
  • Complementary Care: Your Healing Plan  (10:30-11:00)(1:27:20)
    Susan Brink, DrPH, HealthMark Multimedia, LLC
  • Walking Through the Storm  (11:00-11:30)(1:49:11)
    David Freudberg, Human Media
  • Complementary Therapies & Cancer Care  (11:30-12:30)(2:24:00)
    Ann McFarren, HealthMark Multimedia
  • Banking on Fatherhood After Cancer  (1:30-2:00)(3:07:50)
    Leslie Schover and Paul Martinetti, Axis Healthcare
  • HAIR—Help for Alopecia through Image Representations  (2:00-2:30)(3:42:00)
    Elizabeth McGarvey and Brian Clark, University of Virginia
  • Tools for Survivorship  (2:30-3:00)(4:10:24)
    Susan Brink, DrPH, HealthMark Multimedia, LLC
  • Recurrent Prostate Cancer: Your Decision Notebook  (3:00-3:30)(4:33:05)
    Amelia J Birney, MPH, HealthMark Multimedia, LLC presented for grantee, Ms. Ann McFarren
Day 3

Presentation Videocast of Day 3

Session 1: Tobacco Control Products

  • Brief Negotiation (BN) and Quick Interventions for Targeting Smoking (QUITS)  (9:00-9:30)(0:02:10)
    Leslie Cohn, Talaria, Inc. presented for grantee, Dr. Kelly Carpenter
  • My Student Body: Tobacco  (9:30-10:00)(0:36:23)
    Julie Cunningham, Inflexxion, Inc. presented for grantee, Dr. Emil Chiauzzi
  • SpitWorld: Interactive Tobacco Education for Adolescents  (10:00-10:30)(1:13:15)
    Herb Severson, Deschutes Research, Inc.
  • ACTION: Adolescent Cessation of Tobacco Independent of Nicotine  (11:00-11:30)(2:01:05)
    Michael G. Meyer, Toborg Associates, Inc.
  • Nano Legends  (11:30-12:00)(2:39:20)
    Bryan Rickertsen, PhD, CommGraphics Interactive