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Picture of Cancer Pain: Your Guide to Relief®

Cancer Pain: Your Guide to Relief®

To order this product, contact:

Susan Brink, DrPH

HealthMark Multimedia


Phone: 202-265-0033 x 201

Fax: 202-448-6188

E-mail: sbrink@healthmarkmultimedia.com

Company Web Site: www.healthmarkmultimedia.com

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Product Description

Product Description




$19.95 Single user version $150 Multiple user version

Web-enabled Content

License fees and terms for interactive tools, audio files for pod cast, articles, web audio and graphic presentations, and graphics content available on request

Product Type

CD-ROM, web-enabled content, xml articles, audio files, interactive tools available for license

Who Is This Product For?

Patients experiencing or anticipating cancer pain

Where Is This Product Supposed to Be Used?

Home, hospital, ambulatory care, health care organization web sites

Other Information


Cancer Pain: Your Guide to Relief®. Gold 2005 Davey Award

Peer-Reviewed Publications



  • Lincoln JM, Colón Y. Interactive Approaches to Managing Cancer Pain: Research and Development. Presentation at the American College of Social Workers 2002 Annual Meeting.
  • McFarren AE, Brink SG, Lincoln JM. An Interactive Guide to Managing Cancer Pain. Presentation at the Oncology Nursing Society Annual Meeting, April 2002.
  • McFarren A, Brink S. Cancer Pain: Your Guide to Relief. Presentation at Linking eHealth Science and Business: An SBIR/STTR Products Showcase, Bethesda, MD, September 2005.
  • The Power of Testing: Creating an Effective Multimedia Education Product for Cancer Pain Management. Presentation at the World Cancer Congress, July 2006.

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Organizations/Consortium Worked with During Project

American Pain Foundation, Inc.

Commercial Collaborations/Actual Purchasers

Revolution Health content license

American Pain Foundation content license

Patent, License, Trademark

Your Guide to Relief®

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Research Description

Grant Title

Interactive Guide to Managing Cancer Pain

Grant Number


Abbreviated Abstract

HealthMark Multimedia will develop an interactive media education and self-management program on CD-ROM for persons experiencing cancer pain and their caregiving family members. This interactive support system will assist the patient and caregiver in participating with their health care team in the pain management process. The complete product will include an interactive pain diary and information and tools on how to use complementary/alternative methods of pain management and will generally build on the elements in Phase I that helped the users to overcome obstacles to pain relief. Product effectiveness in increasing cancer patients’ self-efficacy, use of tools, increased knowledge base, decreased pain, and increased use of pain management techniques will be examined with patients experiencing pain as a result of cancer and with caregivers through a series of case studies.

Primary Investigator

Susan Brink, DrPH

About PI

Susan Brink, DrPH, Principal Investigator (PI). As a Principal of HealthMark Multimedia, Dr. Brink is responsible for program design and development. Dr. Brink has been responsible for many aspects of project management, including recruitment and hiring of project personnel and consultants, research design, monitoring of field work, outcome and process evaluations, instrument development, analysis, and general project oversight. She has considerable experience in qualitative and quantitative evaluation of traditional and media-based health education products. Dr. Brink has been the PI on 23 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects using multimedia technologies, including 14 Phase I projects and 9 Phase II projects. These products have all been subjected to a rigorous process of identification of key messages and content; the translation of these messages and related content into images, activities, and skills; and end-of-development product testing. At present, all completed Phase II products have been commercialized.

Research Team & Affiliations

Susan Brink, DrPH, Principal Investigator

Ann McFarren, RN, Co-Project Director

Jane Lincoln, MSW, Co-Project Director

Amelia Birney, MPH, Instructional Designer, Evaluation Coordinator

HealthMark Multimedia

Research Objectives


To research and produce remaining informational content and graphic elements for the CD-ROM.


To identify and develop additional interactive tools for the CD-ROM that support pain management decisions.


To produce Cancer Pain: Your Guide to Relief®, which will include information about cancer pain management and address patient and caregiver barriers through interactive tools and personal stories.


To test the effectiveness of the CD-ROM.

To implement Cancer Pain: Your Guide to Relief® commercialization plans.


Compared with cancer patients who use the Cancer Pain: Your Guide to Relief® CD-ROM with information only, patients who use the CD-ROM with both information and interactive tools will:

Report decreased pain.

Report increased use of pain management techniques.

Demonstrate increased knowledge about pain management, pain treatments, and side effect management of treatments.

Report increased self-efficacy in communicating their treatment-related values and preferences to their physician(s) or members of the pain management team.

Report increased self-efficacy in integrating personal needs and goals with pain treatment needs.

Report improved communication among patients, caregivers, and physicians on pain and pain management.

Experimental Design

After an initial screening of cancer history and computer access, all participants were mailed the CD-ROM with a data-tracking program embedded. After a 6-week use period, the participants were interviewed in person.

Final Sample Size & Study Demographics

The final sample included four cancer patients (an African American female, age 56; a Caucasian male, age 57; a Caucasian female, age 49; and an African American male, age 55), as well as one caregiver of someone with cancer (a Caucasian female, age 55).

Data Collection Methods

Observation and open-ended interviews, computer use tracking

Outcome Measures

Quality of use, knowledge, use of product

Evaluation Methods

Interview feedback was compiled and CD-ROM use was characterized.

Research Results

Every tester viewed at least the opening overview for each section, thereby getting a brief sense of what might be useful in that area, even if the tester didn’t return to that area during the 6-week test period. The sections that appeared most useful based on usage data were Describing Pain, About Pain, About Addiction, and Taking Medication.

All testers liked the look of the art and the colors on the CD-ROM and reported that the CD-ROM was easy to use. Every tester appreciated the personal stories of patients and caregivers who are dealing with pain management.

Barriers & Solutions


Total Budget


Products Developed from This Research